Guide to Setup Xbox One 2022 – Got a new Xbox gaming console and have to set it up? Setting up your Xbox via your TV or smartphone is now possible through the website.

This Microsoft feature lets you carry your Xbox console on the back of the form of a mobile device.

You can join the Xbox console on your TV or smartphone. The website allows you to join the Xbox console with your phone.

Android and iOS devices are compatible with this feature, and users need to download the Xbox application to play games on their smartphones using the Xbox remote control.

This means that you can carry your Xbox games wherever you travel. If you also want to know the complete details about digitally, read the full post and complete the setup successfully.

Aka.Ms Xboxsetup

What is Aka.Ms/Xboxsetup

“Https //” is an online portal or site that allows users to complete the Xbox setup successfully. If you own either an Android or iOS smartphone, you need to install the Xbox application on your phone.

The unique code for setup will be displayed on the screen. It is to be entered into the // website. That’s it. After you’ve completed the setup, you can join the controller of your game to mobile and play games.

Be aware that the Xbox setup website isn’t accessible by laptops or computers, and you can check to get more details. This is the only website on smartphones.

Benefits Of Using Xbox Application

Beyond connecting electronically, There are other benefits of having Xbox. Xbox application. Here are a few advantages of using the Xbox application.

  • Xbox application lets you capture screen recordings, screenshots, and screenshots of gameplay and allow you to save these videos.
  • Through Microsoft’s Xbox application, you can control all of your gaming actions, settings, settings, and more without turning on your console.
  • Utilizing this Xbox software, users can immediately start the Xbox services for their digital streaming service by using the setup code.
  • You can download or purchase mods, games, and more with this app from your phone.
  • Xbox app can also let members join “Looking For Group” on Xbox. You can stream live and chat in conversation with fellow Xbox gamers.

Xbox App Download

Xbox App Download

The Xbox application allows players who recently registered to play games with colleagues and other gamers. Tablets and mobile devices will be connected to the Xbox application. You will also be informed about updates while on the move.

You can easily upload images or video clips to popular social media and gaming websites from your Xbox.

Friends and groups can communicate via audio and text with you regardless of whether they’re using a PC or Xbox console.

You can receive notifications for announcements for new games or messages and other things. Additionally, you can stream live games from your console onto your phone via the Internet.

The Xbox application is a stable free app and can be used to stay on the field – regardless of where you want to play.


How to Setup Xbox Digitally on Mobile using & Xbox Mobile App? 

Take the following steps from your Android or iOS portable device.


  • For the Xbox com setup, please open the url:
  • Now, the code will be visible in the image above.
  • Please write the code down, or keep it in mind.
  • Please choose the option Tap to complete the setup within the Xbox application form on the Welcome to Xbox menu.
  • Once you have logged in is complete, input the password you got from the screen to update your console on the Xbox app
  • You will now have to respond to some of the questions posed to you during the the Xbox setup application
  • You’ll need to go back to your console at this moment.
  • Suppose you return to the console immediately following the completion of the update process. You will be prompted to input your settings using the Xbox app.
  • After all the work is completed, you must go for a ‘Yes’ to carry on the process.

Note: the link may show the below page, so make sure you have the right link –

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How do I Get a Code for Xbox app?

If you know how to set up Xbox and Xbox, you can learn how to obtain a code for the Xbox application.

  • Launch and install the Xbox mobile application.
  • Let the app be connected to the console at step 2.
  • Select a language and a place.
  • Make sure your console is connected to the Internet via the fourth step.
  • Keep your system up to current.
  • Select the best power choice that is right for you.

Final Thoughts

Setting up the XBox One console is required to ensure smooth and personal gameplay. But, you may get confused by the various configurations you need to make. Therefore, this article will help set up your XBox One via the XBox One mobile application.

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