Aka.ms/accountsettings – How to Fix aka.ms/accountsettings

Aka.ms/accountsettings – Here in this article, you will get to know in detail about “aka.ms/accountsettings” and “how you can change aka ms account settings in your Microsoft account” and many other things as well.

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How to Fix aka.ms accountsettings

What is aka.ms/accountsettings?

If you have a Microsoft account, you know that Microsoft gives its customers a lot of benefits. One of them is “Privacy settings that can be changed!”

So, “Aka.ms/account settings” is how Microsoft lets people change their Microsoft account settings to meet their needs.

But Microsoft has made a page called “Aka.ms/accountsettings,” which is a Microsoft settings page, so that you can change your account settings however you want. This page is also there to keep you safe online and keep children from seeing the adult content in games like Minecraft when they use your MS account to play games on Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch, or Nintendo.

Note: You know how important your privacy is and how important it is to keep other people from accessing your account information. To keep your account information safe, you can learn more about the privacy settings for your account at aka.ms/privacy.

What is aka.ms/accountsettings Notification?

However, Microsoft has made console gaming more enjoyable with the help of aka.ms/account settings; however, it is evident that many gamers are experiencing privacy settings issues while playing Minecraft games with their Microsoft account.

For instance, whenever they try to play Minecraft Multiplayer, they receive an aka.ms/accountsettings notification or message saying, “If you are under 18, you have to accept the Microsoft policy to play Minecraft.”

So, if you also have encountered the same problem, let us tell you that this “aka.ms/accountsettings notification or the Microsoft privacy notification” that Minecraft sends is normally a popup on child accounts with parent accounts limiting their access.

This is similar, i.e. to prevent children from being exposed to adult-oriented material that is completely inappropriate or inappropriate for them.

What is aka.ms accountsettings Notification

To be more precise, Microsoft’s privacy notification from Minecraft is because Microsoft will not permit players access to Minecraft Multiplayer until you accept Microsoft’s privacy policies, and the main purpose of the Microsoft policies is to ensure that they provide relevant content to gamers based on the age of their users.

If that’s the motive for receiving this alert, you should change the settings on your Microsoft account settings. Of course, and you will, without any doubt, want to ensure that the children within your household don’t have access to adult-oriented games while playing their favourite Minecraft game.

Like many other users, you might not know how to go about it, so, with this in mind, Microsoft accounts for Minecraft are making it extremely easy for people such as you to alter your privacy settings for your account for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or Nintendo so that your family will not be affected.

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How to Change aka.ms/account privacy settings?

As you can see, Microsoft asks you to accept certain privacy policies before granting accessibility to Multiplayer and children. Here are the steps for changing aka.ms/account privacy settings for your Microsoft account.

account.xbox.com settings

  • You’ve to begin by logging in to https://account.xbox.com/settings with the ‘Parent Microsoft account.’ Enter your ‘Email, Phone or Skype ID’ & ‘Password’ associated with Microsoft and then hit the ‘Sign in’ button.
  • After you’ve logged in, You must click on ‘View a child account’s profile.’
  • After that, select” privacy settings and then click on ‘ Minor’s GT.’

Additionally, If you’re using a children’s account, you need to permit’mcmultiplayer assistance settings’ to join multiplayer games. For this, follow these steps to follow:

  • If you’ve logged out, please sign in back to https://account.xbox.com/settings with the ‘Parent Microsoft account.’
  • Within the account of your Microsoft account, tap”Child account profile.” Profile of your child account.’
  • Now, all you have to do is click “Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Box’ and choose”allow circle “allow circle” for both “add friends” and “join multiplayer games. You can then start as well as join clubs.

The solution of aka.ms/accountsettings Problem – Fix the Error On Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S.

  • Log in to https://account.xbox.com/settings with the parent Microsoft account.
  • Click on the account of the child’s profile.
  • Select the “Xbox One/Windows 10 Online” tab Then select ” allow” to ” Join multiplayer games” Only then “You can create and join clubs”


  • To enable chat for those who are not on the friend list, they’ll have to click on privacy , and select “others can chat” …”


That’s just it and hopefully error you’re facing minecraft aka.ms/accountsettings, will resolve. If you’ve encountered any issues throughout the process or afterwards you’ve had any issues, let me know via the comment section below.

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Question: How do I change privacy Settings on aka MS account Settings? 

Answer: To change your account settings, head to this ‘ Modify my Microsoft settings Link. Then, you’ll find Microsoft account settings, and you’ll be able to alter or update settings according to the need. After completing the process, ensure that you save your modifications before closing the page.

A: How do I connect my Xbox account with my aka.ms account?

Answer: The good news is that you can link your Xbox account to its aka.ms account i.e. the Microsoft account. So, if you want to connect your Xbox with your MS account, all you have to do is open your browser and visit https://account.xbox.com/. The link will bring up your Xbox account’s settings that allow you to sync both accounts.

Question: How do you fix aka Accountsettings?

Answer: Albeit there are several ways to solve the problem, however, among these, you’ll be able to solve aka.ms/account settings The problem by altering the privacy and online security settings. Log in with your Microsoft account, click the ‘Child Account Profile’ tab, select ‘Xbox One or Windows 10 Online’ tab, and click “allow” for both ‘Join Multiplayer Games’ and ‘You can join and create clubs’ choices.

Question: Do you think aka. ms protect the information?

Answer: Of course, yes! To ensure that users’ data is secure and safe, Aka. ms strictly follows the ” Online Safety Protocols” set out by COPPA and GDPR’s privacy laws. It doesn’t allow anyone with your permission the ability to log into your account randomly.

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